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Music: https://druknerdoom.bandcamp.com/

Drukner from Copenhagen play heavy laid back but very present psych-tinged Doom. Classic Doom Riffs have married modern Grooves. The amps hum with a sweet and massive 70ies-ish-kinda-sound. All executed with a certain ease, it just feels so natural and honest.
Since the release of their eponymous debut album in 2016, 'DRUKNER' has been working hard, making a name for themselves, playing a considerable number of shows and landing support gigs for bigger bands of the slow and heavy scene such as Acid King, Dopethrone, Bongzilla, Monolord, Sons Of Otis and more.
In February they released a Split LP with their sister band, 'GAIA' with whom they work closely in various respects. The two bands personally hand printed all merch as well as the covers for the records. The whole split was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tobias Munk Tønder (FORESHADOWER) at Angry Music Studios and released by the bands themselves via GAIA's own label 'VIRKELIGHEDSFJERN', in cooperation with a few local shops and distributors.

Music: https://foreshadower.bandcamp.com/

Foreshadower consists of members from No Fealty, Mass Worship, afmagt, Hexis, Eyes etc. The Copenhagen based band started in 2016 after the demise of their fellow aggressive hardcore band No Fealty. They play their own brand of instrumental post-metal, spiced up with elements of atmospheric doom, sludge and a few blackened post hardcore elements. They draw their inspiration from bands such as Omega Massif, Russian Circles, Old Man Gloom, Heathe + doom bands ranging from Nightslug to Suma. Played a few local shows with bands like Hexis, This Gift is a Curse, Toner Low. In late 2019 they will release their self titled debut album, recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist Tobi in his Angry Music Studios and mastered by Role Wiegner (Tonmeisterei). In early 2020 the album will be released on vinyl through Angry Music Records. The band draw heavily on their background in the Copenhagen HC/DIY scene applying a strong DIY-ethic booking their own tours, recording and releasing their own records.

// AEDRA //
Music: https://aedra.bandcamp.com

One of the best bands to ever emerge from Aalborg are finally back!

A power trio, drums, bass and guitar who in a post-Isis world of ebb and flow, have a sincerity and delicacy to their craftmanship that elude most bands whose goals are similar. These guys emote with powerful electrified cascades of heaviness and sublety, a place where the organic meet the high tech but always coalesce in streams of thick flowing sonics, that swirl around your inner ear like a tornado of flowers and rusty nails.

Sometimes the rivers of rock give in to proggy leanings, which gives these guys the polarity they need to keep on evolving down the path of singularity they have taken.

Perfect for gazing at stars on cold nights in small towns across Scandinavia, but keep an eye out for the massive thunder clouds that loom on the horizon.

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