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Humanity's Last Breath + Black Tongue + Cabal

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Special Guests: BLACK TONGUE + CABAL

Humanity's Last Breath
The Wait is over! Swedish Juggernauts Humanity's Last Breath are coming for you Europe! After their highly anticipated and genre-defining album 'Abyssal' released in 2019 via Unique Leader Records, HLB are leaving Sweden to open some new black holes.

To make this the heaviest tour Europe has seen, Humanity's Last Breath take their monstrous brothers Black Tongue (UK) and Cabal (DK) with them on the road.  One tour to crush you all!
Since their inception in 2009, Humanity's Last Breath has made huge waves in the death metal underground with their monolithic, terrifyingly heavy, and relentlessly technical sound. Humanity's Last Breath is widely known as one of the most fearlessly extreme bands in their genre. The Circle Pit has called the band, "…the sound of demise, of an inescapable fate of destruction crushing the masses." 

Mercilessly dark, claustrophobic, and vicious - 2019's Abyssal was described by New Transcendence as "...of the bleakest and dismal sounding records in recent history." 
Lead by band mastermind, guitarist & producer Buster Odeholm (Vildjharta, Born of Osiris, Oceano) HLB has proven once again to be one of the most fearless, uncompromising, and creative voices in extreme music.

DOOMCORE from Hull, England. Founded in January 2013, the band features members of Infant Annihilator, constantly labelled as one of the most original and groundbreaking bands in the underground scene. The journey towards the centre of darkness is something the alternative music scene has strived for since the very beginning. The need to be heavier prompted a need to be darker and more harrowing, both in terms of lyrical content and musical assault, and as technology has granted a deeper access to the nastier sounds in the aether, music can become an unsettling time for those that stumble upon the right bands. 

Britain's BLACK TONGUE fracture skulls with their down tempo, down tuned and down right ugly approach to music. The four years it has taken BLACK TONGUE to craft Nadir are reflected in its maturity, creativity and suffocating atmosphere. The Hull City Hate Crew have crafted a journey into some of the bleakest depths explored by music in a consistent and encompassing record that demands multiple listens thanks to its surprising depth and often times shocking heaviness and violence.

CABAL er et af de mest brutale og lovende metalbands fra København. Bandet skaber en ondsindet følelse af uundgåelig undergang gennem både deres musik og visuelle udtryk. Produktionen er krystalklar og sangene henter inspiration lige fra black og dødsmetal til djent og hardcore.

”Mark of Rot” er CABALs debutalbum og opfølgeren til deres anmelderroste EP ”Purge” fra 2016. I kølvandet på ”Mark of Rot” har CABAL spillet flere udsolgte danske shows, Roskilde Festival og delt scenen med anerkendte internationale bands og spillet festivaller over det meste af Europa.
Entré: 165 kr (inkl. gebyr) i forsalg / 180 kr i døren!

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