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War of Destruction + NRG + Systemfejl + AAA

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oi oi! We're back (hopefully)!
It's been a tough few months, and we've had a long and necessary break, for everyone's safety! However, if everything goes as planned, we'll be able to go back to having regular shows! Keep in mind that, if the shit hits the fan once more, we will listen to the advice of scientist and follow any new guidelines. Anyways, we've got our fingers crossed and hope that we'll be able to go ahead as normal! Cheers! 😎🤞🍻🎵

War of Destruction (Aarhus)
It fucking rips! Everything is fucking fast, pissed and super energetic and in their own words: "The one and only hardcore punk band from Denmark that matters...".

NRG (K-town)
The Danish band NRG plays melodic garagepunk with surf tendencies  and other anomalies. The style has references to Hüsker Dü, Ramones and King Gizzard. They have just released their debut album Ohm - check it out here: https://nrgmusic5.bandcamp.com/album/ohm

Systemfejl (K-town / debut concert) 
Somewhat melodic punk rock with members from bands like Organiseret Støj and Shock Tilstand. More info will follow...

Anal Anus Angreb (K-town / debut concert)
Technical brutal slam death metal

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