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In the year 2009 Durothar came to life in Hamburg - Germany. The first years they played melodic Pagan Metal, but as the time ran by and a few changes in the line up happened, the music changed bit by bit. Nowadays the five musicians are playing a heavy mix of Black and (melodic) Death Metal with german lyrics about journeys to foreign northern countries, big battles, the dangers out on sea and the joy of a safe return. Within that they don't try to look and act like the usual Pagan/Viking Metal band and are not scared to show some self-mockery. In the last few years they played concerts in and around Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen, and also in Denmark, together with bands like Grimner, Welicoruss, Munarheim, Satanic Assault Division and Nothgard. the first album "Auf See" was released in december 2016. Durothar likes to play in clubs and at festivals all over Germany and the surrounding countries.
TROLD plays folk metal with a mischievous smile that is guaranteed to kick off the party from inside the big, dark Danish forests.The storytelling and the melodies are in focus when playing with different instruments and tongue guitar rhythms to create the perfect mood.The stories grow, hiss and are sung, while the listeners / audience are taken on a host of adventures. TROLD has its roots well planted in the Nordic soil where the inspiration is found from a wealth of fairy tales and mythologies.Giants, Gods, the animals of the forest and the marvelous world of the sea are just some of the places TROLD takes the listeners with him. When the trolls are on stage, you can be sure that the party will start and the good mood will be kicked off.

Vansind was formed in the summer of 2019 as a folk inspired metal band. The band is based in Slagelse, Denmark though the members are from all over the country. Just as the members geographical difference their musical background is also vastly different. The love for music is shared and a wish to add something special to the Danish folk scene. With their feet planted firmly in the Danish soil the band wishes to play up to battle, chain dance and raised horns when the melodies inspired by folk music meet solid metal, rumbling growl and clean female singing. The lyrical themes are inspired from the darker side of the Nordic mythology and Scandinavian history. Debuting in 2020 with the single ’Valborgsnat’ (Walpurgis’ Night) and the 3 song ep ’MXIII’ in 2021, Vansind is ready to play the songs to the public. Bring your mead and maidens and join us for an energetic folk metal night. Where the glimmer of the eye meets the glimpse of the sword you’ll find Vansind. And if you enter the dance, maybe a glimpse of Valhal.

Date: 16th of October
Doors open at 20:30.
Event starts at 21:00
ENTRY: 70 kr 

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