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1000Fryd presents at Rocken, Mill + Dust Bugs

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1000Fryd presents 2 x rehearsal room bands at Rocken!
Free beer included in the pre-sale ticket price!
Mill is a five-piece extreme metal band from Aalborg, Denmark. Formed as a blackened hardcore band, it didn’t take long for the sound originally intended to mutate into something far more grotesque. Mixing dissonant death metal with blackened hardcore and adding elements of post-metal and industrial, Mill explores many differrent sonic nuances from dizzying brutality to bleak ambience.
As with the wide scope of the music, their lyrical dimension comprises reflections on the antagonisms of human subjectivity and different abstractions of violence.
Mill has shared the stage with Imperial Triumphant, Mord’A’Stigmata, Hexis, Cabal and MØL. They are currently working on their first release.

Local old school heroes playing with their hearts on their sleeves. Dust Bugs have been playing for years, but they are kicking more ass than anyone you know. Dig in and embrace the harshness of old school punk rock in the vein of Circle Jerks, thee Headcoats, the Stooges, MC5 and the likes.

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