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Kollapse + Leechfeast + Offermose

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Kollapse (DK, Fysisk Format)
The sound of Kollapse has deep roots in heavy noise rock and post-hardcore filtered through a dark Joy Division-like sensibility. While the trio can be sonically heavy and aggressive, they have a distinct contemplative Scandinavian aura of deep-seated gloom and detachment. Lyrically the band inhabits a cross section where art meets existential dread.
Listen: https://kollapse.bandcamp.com/

Leechfeast (SL/NL, Vendetta)
The madness of decaying urban jungle, endless nights without sleep, strange dreams that you remain thinking about through the next day, chronic back pain, cramped up stomach, pathetic porcelain faces around you with a permanent smile, the fact that you can relate to the cat that lives with you more than you can to other people and years of repressed aggression that needs to get out badly.
Listen: https://leechfeast.bandcamp.com/

Offermose (DK, Pomperipossa)
Offermose channels the liquid light of a million souls. Casting dark repetitive spells, summoning long forgotten apparitions from the ever-flowing mist of eternity. Dissonant howls from the charred ruins of the Berlin School era penetrates the heavy fog of the dungeon synth lineage.
Listen: https://offermose.bandcamp.com/

This night is part of Lasher Series

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