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Registration Terms

Club Dark is a one man business. Club Dark is a free service that endeavours to increase the knowledge of the rock, punk, metal and industrial genres and the alternative community surrounding them. Here all are welcome. If you listen to one of the genres above or if you have a fetish for tattoos, piercings or maybe a special sexual preference, this is of no consequence – you are as welcome as anybody else. Be aware that your membership may be cancelled, deleted, deactivated or similar hereto without warning if the moderator or admin find that the registration terms are grossly or repeatedly violated. If you wish to know more see the details of our point system here. Recommendations and directions given by our moderators or administrators must be followed, obeyed and respected. Such a recommendation or direction is final. You can always question these, but don't expect them to be rescinded nor changed.


[General behaviour at]

A good thing to keep in mind is to “treat others, as you want them to treat you” and “if you don't have anything reasonable to say, hands of the keyboard.” Remember that you are part of a community, that you yourself have chosen to be a part of. A community with people, who might have a taste in music, sexual preferences or a political viewpoint different from your own. We here at Club Dark wish to endorse fierce discussions, that can impact beliefs, opinions and attitudes – but remember to have the utmost respect for  the community as a whole. Neither you nor Club Dark is above Danish law.


[This is not permitted at]

  • Don't be a vigilante. Instead contact a moderator – it's what they are there for
  • To send unsolicited messages with sexual content or sexual invitations to unacquainted users
  • To attempt to or to access our resources, regardless of intent, through automated software tools*
  • To attempt to or to gain access to our servers or databases*
  • *Violating these terms will lead to legal action and the police will be notified. All content at is back-upped, logged and checked



  • It is not permitted to impersonate another
  • After four weeks you are required to have a profile picture and as a minimum a short profile text. If this isn't the case the profile will be regarded as insincere and will be deleted (discarded)
  • It is not permitted to attempt to or to access other peoples profiles
  • If you haven't logged in for twelve weeks you will receive an email notification. If you do not log in as a response hereto your profile will be deactivated. The profile can however, be reopened by contacting a moderator. If you are planning a longer period of absence from Club Dark please contact a moderator
  • Do you want to delete your profile: Login -> Settings -> Delete my profile. Once you have made this request, it will take up to 24 hours for your profile to be deleted. However, often a lot before.


[It is not permitted at to show or link to the following (it is however permitted to discuss them]

  • Child pornography
  • Websites that are of a racist nature and/or with Nazi content. Also pictures or similar media that acknowledge and/or endorse this are forbidden
  • Snuff, violence against animals or humans and graphic material containing the deceased
  • Pirate software, software serial numbers or key codes, cracks or sites that contain these
  • Media (music, pictures films etc.) that are copyrighted
  • Sharing or requesting login information for payment sites


[Advertising – Buy, sell and trade]

  • Our partners can advertise in the forum “Advertising”. Here it is quite clear that it is advertisements and commercials that are shown. If one does not wish to see these advertisements it is quite easy – don't go there
  • Commercial advertisement from profiles, who are not partners, will not be accepted. Neither on profiles, nor in messages, forums or likewise. Permission for commercial advertisement that benefits the community can be obtained. You are always welcome to contact an administrator or send an email to
  • It is permitted for users to buy, sell or trade items amongst themselves in the forum “Buy, sell and trade”. Remember that fraud can occur. Club Dark is not liable nor do we take any responsibility for these transactions. Likewise we do not interfere or intercede in any controversy that may arise because of these transactions



  • As a rule all pictures and photos are allowed at as long as they are in agreement with the terms below
  • It is not allowed for users under the age of 18 to upload NSFW – content* (Not Safe For Work)
  • NSFW- content can only be viewed by profiles, who are above the age of 18. It can be turned on and off. This feature is nice to have if you are at work or at home while family and children are up and about
  • *NSFW – content contains visible nipples, buttocks or have strong sexual innuendo. Content with other offensive tendencies, I.e.bloody content and so on, should also be marked NSFW



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